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Auction Issues that need to be Reversed and Corrected

misstressraevinmisstressraevin Posts: 20 Arc User
edited April 2015 in Bug Reports
I have been bidding on auctions since I hit 3000 zeal. Now first one yea I get that they outbid but the last two.. NO There is NO way in Hades that 27D and 8D can win over a bid of 55D and 86g then the second one 55D and 46G.. Here is what I have told support and I am telling you now THIS is going to be turned around or you will give me a base...

I am a programmer and I know bugs and glitches so please do not talk down to me when I tell you this.. Last weeks auction, I outbid radiantfire with a bid of 55D and some gold at the last seconds.. It showed that I had the base and then all the sudden it announces that Radiant has it for 27D and some gold.. They said they would research and then marked the ticket as solve when it was not.. I let that one go... and waited another dang week for my base....

Now last nights auction did the same thing but different.. When I put my bid in at 1 minute and 30 seconds... I bid 55D and 46g to their 8D and 46G. When I hit submit and to go check it showed it was closed so I wait for the announcement and low and behold RedBrach wins with 8D and 46G.. I won that base because I submit my bid before the auction ended for the 55D and 46G so you need to not only fix this glitch being that I have lost two times and won the bases fair and square. But you need to turn this around and give me my base... They did not win it because as I told you. 1 minute and 30 second I hit submit it accepted then Gave it to them. There is NO way in Hades they won that with the amount they had as the last weeks auction..

As I told the support and I am trying not to curse because I will not wait another week.. I will not have this done this to me again.. Get in there and reverse this because I won that base.. Fix it. And if you say you cant reverse it (which is so untrue) then set up a private auction for me today. I can not keep having this happen every week I am a mother and I am not going to sit here for an 1 and half when my child needs me because your game is bugging out and glitching...

IGN is VampresAurelie
guild SangriLa
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