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Nab with a question for referral

elyr1kaelyr1ka Posts: 1 Arc User
edited April 2015 in Mage Discussion
I see this game is coming to mobile. We currently play order and chaos and have been waiting for a legit game to come out. Looking forward to it.

I wanted to start playing this and see that there are some well spoken pvp mages on here, but I cannot PM them.

I was hoping someone would help me get a quick start. I am more for figuring out and testing specs myself, but I wanted an intelligent rationale for choosing intro level choices to make an eventual pvp mage. I don't want to hear why your choice is the best, I want to hear the differences and I will decide for myself and adjust that to my playstyle.

I am brand new, so I am not sure how to use this forum appropriately. Instead of being a jag about it, just refer me to a helpful experienced pvp mage or pm me.

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