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Soul Marksman - build for Frostgale Fjord

Meadowcat - ShyliaMeadowcat - Shylia Posts: 21 Arc User
edited April 2015 in Marksman Discussion
I don't see any up to date builds posted and I want to tweak my build for Frostgale Fjord since I'm going to be doing a lot of them! I'd love some advice. I'm Level 90 and don't have Double Talent so I have to live with this build for PvE as well, though I have pretty much finished bashing my way up the Soul Power tree.

These are the issues I'm thinking about:-

1. Extreme sniping, Pulse shot or Exorcising bullet - Should I put points in all 3 or pick 1?

2. Weakening cloud (Sixth sense and Mist) & Remains of the Soul. Should I max them all to try and survive or give up and just put the points in offense?

3. Soul bullets, generating them and double shot. Lots of choices - how many points in what?

4. How about soul snipe/soul discharge?
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  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    after the 90 patch this is the build im using

    build link

    1.-extreme sniping slow talent isn't worth it unless you find players getting purified (divine priest skill) constatly, since the slow last less than the stun is pretty much useless but in that situacion

    2.- yes max them, marksman are squishy and having extra debuff or making the shield stronger help a lot, whit a maxed shield+spare ammo you can pretty much tank for 10-20 secs easily

    3.- now that you make a bullet every 5 secs and spare ammo got less cooldown, you shouldn't run out of bullets as easily

    4.-soul snipe is a chance to stun and does some damage, soul snipe drains mana and does damage
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