what about the missing orbs



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    ebolas wrote: »
    Any update ?

    pft no... I just sent another ticket....
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    I also send ticket, problem still not solved. (already long)
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    I cannot send tickets as arc wants a pin that it does not accept when entered.
    Anyhow, i will not receive anything as i could not activate the newsletter as arc does not let me in for half a year now. Emailing did not help.

    Might i suggest to leave arc out of anything thats reward related until it actually works ?
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    PWE has been having issues with this sort of "event" since the start of FW in NA., or in other terms, since they began publishing FW. the problem is that PWE apparently aren't programmers, because they wouldn't have hit a problem like this if so. in the end, i got 2 days worth of orbs on only a couple of my 11 chars. after the "missing orbs"were sent out, i got 4 days of orbs on 1 char (3 of my main's missing days, plus an extra day for that char for idk what)... outside of that, i'm still missing orbs for 3 days on 9 chars, plus 2 days on 1 more char, not to mention the other char i had that hit 60 during the event. and now ur telling us to file tickets for missing orbs when u shmucks were supposed to do that urselves?
    speaking from experience since CBT, every time PWE has made an attempt at these events, it's been
    a wash
    ... maybe y'all should think about hiring someone with experience OUTSIDE of your little "bay area" because clearly whatever ur currently doing isn't cutting it. and every time u guys give the players a "we're looking into it" BS excuse, that's
    a wash

    maybe one day y'all will figure things out, but i'm not holding my breath.
    I'll look into it but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    well, at least thanks for the honesty?
    oh yeah, they'd never admit they're wrong, or their defeat, with ease.

    with that said, i'll catch y'all in another game.
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    I think it's time to give up on em, just saying.
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