Change entry lvl for Sickle through ARC

hits4hire Posts: 183 Arc User
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With the new patch and fast leveling we have in-game now we are having problems with newer, undeargeared players getting queued into instances that some level 85's are having problems surviving. These players are under the assumption that just because they are high enough level to queue for ARC that they should be able to run it, despite gear disparity. This has been causing tension between some of the newer and older players.

Since the patch I have personally witnessed tons of WC drama surrounding this topic. The newer players lose their cool when they get denied an entry to ARC and rant about it in WC. Personally I don't see a problem with a lvl 77 running alongside lvl 85-90s so they can get their challenge/luck quests done, but your whole ARC party ideally shouldn't be filled to the gills with lvl 77 players like some of the newer players are trying to do on LH; which i'm sure is not specific solely to the server I play on.

I am hoping for the entry level to be changed for Sickle, unless you are a fully CSed toon with very high mastery/attack/health/crit damage, then your level 77 toon is just making everyone work that much harder to get the instance finished. I know bringing a wind bard into the instances with lower level people could help some, but we shouldn't have to require a wind bard in every party to help these lower levels gain a bit more dps and survivability.