When are we getting the new arena season?

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For whatever reason, as some of you might had noticed already.. new arena season is not here. I am aware on the patch notes it does say "soon", but how soon is "soon"? I dont think PWE realizes how much of a problem this is... let me elaborate.
People that still use arena are mostly lvl 90, and they are playing on lvl 75 gear which is bad enough as it is, but it is even worse when you think that this people on 75 gear is fighting against people in 85 gear. The 85 champion set has incredible stats bonus. Everyone is getting higher crit chance and crit dmg, and we are sitting on the same cdef. Right now people can start working on obtaining lvl 87 champion, with higher base stats, higher set bonus and most likely higher id stats. And people in arena... are forced to stay on gear with lvl 75 base stats, ids and set bonus. How is that fair? It is alreadt bad as it right now but if arena doesnt come soon theres a big chance ill fight against people that have full 87 set. How am i supposed to tank people with 650% cdmg or more when i can hardly get 380 cdef. Not to mention im missing on attack, defense, hp even mana from base stats.
Not to mention how many of us have been waiting for this update mainly for some arena pvp... and all the characters that cant get arena gear because npcs are simply not there. You can shove shinny wings and new orbs and mounts all you want, but most of us still notice how much this game is still missing.