Freedom Falls Player Reported Issue Megathread



  • slingerss
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    I believe the reforge system has a glitch in it. I was trying to get the 3rd socket on my gear. I started out at 6/9 and spent 46 STAR CRYSTALS to get it to 8/9. If it takes this many and i still don't have it i and many many others will never get 12/12 gear. It use to be hard but it has changed and is a lot harder to get the 3rd socket wth!!!!
  • cloudyli
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    Can't create new character ever since 24 hours ago.

    You can't expect a new player like myself to play without a character right?

    Can this be fixed ASAP? Because i heard that this problem has been around for a rather long time.
  • LilithSata - Illyfue
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    As many of you all know, demon interactions are bugged. You can't embrace, you can't dance and kissing doesn't show graphics or makes sound unless you're on a mount.

    Foolish as I was, the last point made me think the interactions may be better when mounting and so I figured a dual mount would be safe to use. All excited I finally got me a dual mount, the Celestial Chariot, and wanted to show it off only to find out that the mount doesn't show when using it, not for me, nor for other players. I can mount, I can fly, I can accelerate, but I'm running in the air instead of flying with my chariot.

    Then trying to dual mount, the same bug occurs as with embracing. The second person will fly with you, but without a body so to speak, as can be seen in the picture below.

    If that wasn't enough foolishness yet, I decided to mail a ticket, getting an automated reply and eventually sending me to the forum to place bug reports. So here I am, posting it on the forum.

    Besides the small amount of fashion available for demons, the bugged embracing, dancing and kissing, I'm now also wondering when the dual mounting will be fixed? And then not only flying WITH someone else, but also flying solo on a dual mount, because seriously, I have a big fat giant Chariot now, and I'd very much like to see it (and annoy others by filling up their screens with mount butt T;Cool ).
  • jazerk
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    Does anyone know where Boiling blood comes from for the health potions Jessika ask for ?
  • plague64
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    light of oricle soulforce trinket still not working says lv5 vip
  • bungabunga123
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    Dimensional Wars still PvE only
  • jazerk
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    I can not turn in Divine Glory Badges. I turn one in and that's all it let me. The quest is not there to turn them in now.
    Any solutions to what is going on. I am at Rank 6 with the destruction god.
    I used another character to test it. I turned in 6 quest for reputation with same god. The badges did not disappear they are in my bag.
    Come to think of it the others didn't disappear either on other character. But i got new badges from the Kings quest which I could not get a quest for to turn them in.

    What to do hmm
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  • shamazam3
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    unable to evolve Relic. it is full and when you click to evolve it ask are you sure and does nothing. Also on Demon toon.
  • lijies
    lijies Posts: 11 Arc User
    Missing items from NPC Heart of Miracle
    These are items that we currently have from that NPC

    This is a SS from CN server from the same NPC

    Those 3 items can be used to reid out relic. If the Elemental Relic lv is above rank 4, with those items, for quality 1, we suppose to able to id max 3 relic spirits slots, and 7 max are rank 5.

    Here is a finished Relic i found in CN server

    So it seems we missing a whole tab of items from that NPC, could you please check that for us?
  • banker7
    banker7 Posts: 35 Arc User
    Again Demon is messed up. Finished quest lines for relic and do not get the skill to upgrade it. Come on really? Please fix.
  • yoh00
    yoh00 Posts: 6 Arc User
    1st: can't use pots, can't sell, can't trash
    2nd: some typo
    3rd: alot of dc'd problems ( hr, rift, guild's base, instances trough T menu)

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  • akasha80005
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    for all who are still complaining about Henry quests and the health potions. Henry has been officially fixed and somewhat improved a little. dropping quests now gives a new 1 instead of the same 1 you just dropped.

    zinc ore quest <---- this quest has been removed

    health potion x5 <---- this is still asked for, but you can just drop it now for a new quest

    Henry quests can now be ran 50 times a day for as much exp as you want or for anything you need to unseal for stuff. no longer stops after 20 quests or less like it did before patch.

    note: to the person who quoted my post saying how me asking to have zinc ore quest removed cause of the cost of the ores was whining and complaining and that its just being lazy.

    its not lazy, whining or complaining if the GM's actually listen and remove the quest upon request. besides it was 100x's more annoying and costly to do then the pet stone quests. pet stones were pretty much easy to get. people don't wanna go broke buying zinc ores all the time for a Henry quest. kinda a good thing the quest is removed.

    I am getting this stupid zinc ore quest and I try quitting it, and getting a new quest for Henry's godlike glory, but it won't go away. It was removed huh? Well, its back and I can't complete it, so please get rid of it! :( (I'm on the Storm server btw) Oh yeah, and I am getting dc'd pretty much everytime I try to get into any training instances...these issues really need to get fixed please.
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  • delenara
    delenara Posts: 6 Arc User

    Crucible mobs dont drop stuffs anymore on illyfue D:

    was this ever answered? I can't find a reply for this.

  • banker7
    banker7 Posts: 35 Arc User
    Getting the Guild Donation Luck Quest error again. It had been fixed but now it's back. Also, was the Essence of Flight moved from where it was in the boutique because it's not in it's usual spot.
  • alekensen59
    alekensen59 Posts: 8 Arc User

    Hi, somebody have the same problem like me? when i try blessing with my god (god of Retribution) i have this error, is not the first time with this problem, help? xD
  • xgodlike666x
    xgodlike666x Posts: 1 New User
    The 3v3 and 6v6 arena is already bugged, there is no formation of groups in the two arenas.
    Please correct the fixes or the soul break 90s quests because I need the break for my faith in 100 and that is otherwise impossible.
  • misstressraevin
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    Well I do have a few concerns my toon can not get the daily challenge, the pet and people can not run GT2 or Ei (evernight island) I have a skill point that I can not imput in my blood tree because there are no + signs in it and it tells me that I have one skill to input.. Then there is still the raid issue that you cant get into FH with a full 30 man raid, it has to be 28 or the list glitches, you have to hit the boss in the end or else you do not get into FH. There are so many things to report on this..