Thanks Domino!

Bhyl - Lionheart
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For the livestreamed preview and all the awesome things you showed us. Also awesome on posting up the patch notes and SQUIRREL... all the funs!

:D Just wanted to have its own thread cause I think he's doin' awesome job
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  • wedzen
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    Message to Domino --

    Many thanks for pushing through with the feed even with those technical difficulties! Those 400 eyes watching you were hanging onto the edge of their seats waiting for you to come back! Are you sure it wasn't all part of the plan to hang out the suspence we've all been feeling since we first heard of FW2?!

    Keep up the awesome work! Energy like yours is keeping me in the game!

  • essabee93
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    Thanks so much for persevering through the techinical difficulties. So excited for whats to come, that preview was epic.

    Appreciate all the work you do for us. :)
  • tweety7777
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    TY Domino for CARING about Forsaken World and its player base. I LOVE your enthusiasm for the game. I have to be honest that my interest here was waning....I had gone back to a prior game more and more. But your presence here makes things FUN again. Thanks for keeping us informed on the weekly streams. Keep up the good work!!!
  • IAmOldGreg - Lionheart
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    Agreed with everyone here. Perservering in the face of technical challenges, when it would have been so easy to pull the plug, shows your determination in giving the player base what we wanted to see. We know there will always be technical issues, nobody expects perfection. But seeing someone from PWE care about the player base in the face of challenges... THIS kind of spirit will keep people here for the long haul.

    KUDOS my friend.
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    (silence mode by too late... in "zzz" mode in reality...GN)
    (Some times just a witch, no a simple mage of ice age)
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    Thank you for sticking with your live feed despite the weather! It was fun to be a part of and I look forward to seeing more.