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great news <3
Dust Seal (Edge) - Dark Nightmare is changed to physical damage
Sneak Attack: casting time is now 3 attacks in 2s, with the first attack stunning target for 2s; now triggers Talent: Intensified Aggression
Think that lot of sin go edge or hybrid again :d

That seems pretty nice but not a bit op? x)
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    First thing is to confirm what you say is true as at balance note they didnt say it clearly.

    What happened with dust seal is it get more noncser friendly as it is close to impossible to have 2x hight lvl mastery. But thouse that arledy got both mastery high, get no boost here, stuck with venom for second tree for HR.
    Sneak attack is going to be OP as it is usable for sin again, but still have to remember it require stealth, which is like 1-2 time on each battle.

    Shadowbreak is going to mess pvp a bit espessily when vs high res sin vs low res sin. So it is good and bad new for sin. Against bard, vamp, war, prot, mm it can work .

    Even though eva sin seem like they got buffed. But they actully get nerfed as noneva user can make use of it as good as eva sin. Also it look like priest can stack wither better after balance making eva sin more ****.

    But balance is very good new for edge-dark hybrid sin with high mastery and resistance. Duble high eva buff + cc ingoring combat stealth. The first 100% chance stune skill with high DMG..
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    3, Assassin:
    a) General Skills Review:
    . i Assassination: base damage increased by 40%.
    ii. Pets on stealth assassin offensive intentions will be forced to recall.
    b) Poisons talent:
    . i secret thorn: Increases attack power per level assassination additional 6%. = mysterious spike
    . ii Dark Killer: Each level proficiency 15:00. = killer of darkness (mastery talent)
    . iii double sting: each level changes to 10%. = dual stings
    c) Blade talent:
    . i closure of lore: raised to 40 points on each level to reduce attacks.
    . ii penetrating grasp: each increase of 15 points proficient level. = keen eye (mastery talent)
    . iii agitation block: revised to 10% per level. = drastic banish
    . iv seal thorn: Increases attack power per level assassination additional 6%. = seal thorn (name don't change :p)

    Seem like we'll play with assassination now :D this skill won't be useless anymore

    EDIT : mysterious spike and seal thorn are increase on damage bonus and not base attack :'( so bad :'(
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    in lv 100 patch:
    4, Assassin

    a) kill adjusted to no mana cost.

    b) the adjustment of shadow magic woo no mana cost.

    c) dark nightmare assassin 1/2/3/4 point "closure" on the basis of silence adjusted by the 2/3/4/5 seconds to 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 seconds.

    d) disease Movies talent "invisible" to increase dodge every level up to 6:00.

    e) disease Movies talent "cold" crit rate increase per level increased to 2%.

    f) poison talent "power to strengthen the" base attack power increased by 1.5% per level.

    ....not sure about my Translation,but all i understand is they will reduce the effect of silence from DN ? :'(