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Lycan Divine Priest

youngbloodzzyoungbloodzz Posts: 12 Arc User
edited August 2014 in Priest Discussion
Hey all. I have been playing lycan divine sinc they first came out. Atm I have level 2 wings , arena gear , good SP tree and 32 wisdom. I have also played an elf divine priest with similar stats as mine. There is smething bothering me ever since I first tried an elf divine. I feel like lycans have ridiculously low heals. I barely crit and when i crit its between 20-25k crits and rarely it can go up to 30k. I have compared my tree with many other divine elfs and humans read talents over and over and idk whats wrong. Has any of you noticed this? I feel its so unfair....
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  • Haareth - IllyfueHaareth - Illyfue Posts: 167 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Playing lycan priest since last year roughly, lv3 wings, arena gear, almost maxed nyos and dyos sp, 59 wisdom (working on it still). Played elf priest too, and the only difference you will notice is that lycan is Heal based, while elves are LoH based. With all heal-related sp talents maxed out, I can crit 63k with Heal under sympathy. So I guess its a matter of getting more crit heal from sp or IDs or idk (i dont have a single crit heal id actually)
    I guess you'd have noticed that Heal has a bigger chance to crit when casted after LoH, or maybe its only a matter of luck with crits. But 25k crits on heal for a divine priest is really low imo. Maybe get some more heal effect or attack. Also arena gear is low HE/crit based compared to new champion gear for divines.
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  • youngbloodzzyoungbloodzz Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Are you wearing arena gears? ANd maybe i need more attack have around 5,7k now and the wisdom maybe DO matter.. Also which is your main path: Nyos or Dyos? :)
    p.s. sorry i saw arena gears ^^
  • FluffySoul - LionheartFluffySoul - Lionheart Posts: 167 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    I haven't exactly been anywhere near an elf priest in a while so I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure elves have a talent that allows LoH's first tick to heal for all of the ticks combined, which when crits can be a rather big number, so that might have been the thing that's bothering you since lycans haveno such ability. (I think....)

    Also 30k mid-crit isn't bad imo, but your top crits should be higher, are you sure you have points in the chance at300% heal after loh talent? I'm pretty sure lycans had something like that, even if it wasn't 300%.
  • Ganymade - DyosGanymade - Dyos Posts: 199 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    i am not that familiar with lycan divine tree, but i just thought since you said you are in arena gears, maybe you compared your heals to another healer wearing Heal Effect Gears, which would answer the difference in heal

    i was in full Heal Effect Gear before i started using arena gears, the difference in heals is about 500 - 1000 give or take (aroud 2k crit, +4k on your total heal when your spike heal crits

    *in arena gears you must make sure to reforge attack pieces as high as you can, and get ragefire gems (each 100 atk = 30 HE +/- , each 1k mana = 20 HE +/-)

    lycan's spike healing is very similar to human's with just lower % chance and the addition of % chance to spike heal much how elves spike heal using Heal - LoH combo (also lower % chance 30% compared to elves' 60%)

    Lycan rotation

    Light of Healing (HoT) - Heal (45% to spike heal: remove LoH, grants nat. prot. 3s(werewolf status)

    once you spike heal, HoT from LoH is removed, if the spike heal happened under werewolf status you gain natural protection buff for 3s which increases heal by 20%, cast LoH again (assuming its useable again which i doubt would be, cause Lycan has no LoH CD reduction) for 30% chance to spike heal again. this is Lyca's spike heal rotation

    so basically you can only spike heal once every few seconds, but if we put the werewolf status into the equation, which speeds up the casttime of your skills (and/or cooldown? not sure) it will drastically improve lycan spike healing rotation viability in compare to other races*

    the advantage of elves in healing comes from their fast HoTs, particularly Light of Healing

    elves healing rotation:

    Heal (grants 10s natural protection incoming healks +20%) - LoH (60% chance to spike heal)

    you can cast LoH three times while natural protection is active on the target, thus 60% 60% 60% chance to spike heal (and whether you spike heal or not, the Heal over time of the skill is still applied, which can crit separately!)

    so that maybe the reason why you felt elves heal far more, i hope it helps
    Divine Priest
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