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HR Tips for Divine Priest anyone?

Kamjahere - LionheartKamjahere - Lionheart Posts: 78 Arc User
edited July 2014 in Priest Discussion
I am a divine priest on the lionheart server.
I recently reached level 82, and yesterday was able to get the wargod weapon.
I have around 6k base attack.
My pet probably isn't the strongest but its level 82 with 5.1k attack.

I'm looking to hear from other divine priests who reached floor 50 of Hell Road, and what they used to actually beat Khnum.

I could reach floor 50 back when I was level 80 and only had level 1 wings and still using FP set weapon (level 70). Only one piece of my gear is 12/12, the rest is 9/12. (weapon is 10/12).

My previous efforts to beat Khnum resulted in:
- Ayshiri dies at some point, and the round times out with khnum's health between 50%. - 75%.
- Ayshiri survives, but I'm unable to dps and keep her healed. Round times out with Khnum down to about 45%.

Leveling up, better gear, more gems hasn't really changed my results by much lol only a 5% difference. This is mostly because I have to keep her healed, and can't assist in damage as much as I probably need to.

Edit: Forgot to add Ayshiri is maxed on all things

Any tips would be most appreciated ^^
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  • viiixviiix Posts: 1,270 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    I beat Khnum for the first time last week (whoo, 5 acclaim!), and the biggest help is honestly Wither. It does way more dmg than any skills I may get off in between spamming heals on Ayrshi. I got him down to 35% pre-Wither, and same as you, either Ayrshi died or I stall out due to lack of DPS.

    I would say that unless you can reliably steal aggro from demon or does a lot of dmg with your skills, waiting for Wither is your best bet. When I beat him, I gave up even stacking Wither since timing is hard when trying to keep demon alive and my Holy Power was **** it up anyway. I just made sure to have Wither on him as much as possible and the constant 23xx ticks did him in for me.
  • Kamjahere - LionheartKamjahere - Lionheart Posts: 78 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Thank you very much for your advice. It's reassuring for me to know that given time, it can be done. I'll have a little while to wait to try Wither lol but I appreciate your tips regarding its application as well ^^

    Sorry I did try and reply a few days ago, and got some weird error every time - I've had to wait until it resolved itself.
  • cureaustriacureaustria Posts: 497 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    this is how i do, (lv83 priest)

    have full divine talenttree with 1x rune from rebell for extra skill,
    and runes for reducing aoe cooldown


    i have only light skills in use, selfheal is off - only bubble on cooldown
    (EDIT: sleepskill is missing in picture, sry have forgotten)

    me is basicly full critdef/eva player and have only some low switchgear parts



    masterys are about 1100, with this stats (only selfbuffs without warrior and so on)


    all gear parts are wargod for pve mastery

    im starting in room 50, pressing first skills(4) to get aggro, boss deals a lot damage,
    turning on auto combat which starts with fresh bubble
    princess keeps me alive (turning on wrath to reduce damage),
    when wrath gets off - turning anima shield on additional to bubble
    when anima bubble is off - wrath on again to reduce incoming damage again

    a few seconds befor wrath gets off again boss is down, claiming 60 points

    hope it can help somewhere
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