Newish toons without the new god box reward...

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This relates to a few new guildies that we picked up just prior to the patch.

If a player started a character, got through all the first pray rewards, but hadn't gone through enough main quests for the rest of the rewards they have now been left without having a fair few items. It may also relate to players levelling too quick for the game/quests as croxe suggested.

This has left a few new people frustrated at not receiving the "gods rewards box". I started playing a new war the other week and took her through a few starter quests before being distracted with the new patch. She now has nothing of either of the new player rewards. This is where we have some frustrated guildies stuck.

I can re-roll a new chara as I didn't get so far, that's not a worry for myself, but there are a few new people feeling disenchanted with the game because they now miss both the old and new rewards. I contacted support on the issue but they have said there will be no gods box for players in this situation.

This sucks a lot for pre patch newbies. Are we just to tell them to start over? Doesn't seem fair.


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    I actually managed to get one of my check in alts in the opposite situation, where he had accepted the old box but not done much else, and after the patch got gods gift from praying and now he has both.

    But yeah they really should have made it so everyone got god's gift since they took all the leveling gifts off the Shylia market, since now everyone that was between lv10 and 70 when the patch hit is missing out on their items.
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