Thoughts on making gem farming a little easier.

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I do hope we are mostly past all of the "THE END IS NIGH" and "YOU HAVE RUINED THE GAME" posts guys.

How about a little bit of constructive thought on what would make gem farming life a little easier?

Level 5 gems are very exciting, who doesn't want the super shiny wings?

625 gems per lv5 later you can get them too... that 5x the farming needed. If you are chasing something like goldsparks the cost is gargantuan now. Not impossible, but its is a LOT of money/farming time to get there. Will everyone have to have 10+ GL farming alts, doing multiple runs a day? Not many have the time to do it.

Now I am not one to want things handed to me on a silver platter. But how about we get just a little assistance in being able to gather gems? The demand now will (theoretically) be a lot higher, so upping the supply should also (theoretically) not hurt the price.

Would it be possible to increase the GL gem reward to 3 or 4 boxes?

OR maybe... the Jade Gold rewards, the gems from jade gold are bound so even doubling it wouldn't harm the economy a great deal. Or more quests that give jade gold?

What are others thoughts?
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    Glistening Lowlands 2. Lv2/3 gem boxes.
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    Nah this is bs, it's already easy to get gems and ppl QQ about everything cause they can't play for sht on games...

    You get lvl 3 gem boxes from your guild npc, just buy the fusions and 5 days of devotion you can reforge...

    Then you got the new instance that spawns at 4pm, I got 2 lvl 3 azures from it yesterday, either sell or reforge...

    Making it even easier would suck since would make even less ways to make real gold, be happy you still have a bunch of ways to make gold in this version cause on CN they made everything easier and you need to cs to compete or slave farm NC like a zombie.