Having to re-download the new patch, ARC issue

Bhyl - Lionheart
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I did a full re-download a week or two ago, logged in from work today to start the patcher, set the download running, it did the big download.

Press start, it opens ARC, go to start the game... it says downloading packs AGAIN.

Un-installed ARC, reinstalled via opening game from patcher. Nope, its started the download AGAIN.

Maybe it thinks my FW is on a different file path? There seems to be no way in ARC to check the file path like steam has?

Not amused because the files were already updated. This isn't acceptable to have to re-download a game already patched + arc was reinstalled from the patcher.exe file! Australia has download caps you know *crying tigey*

Computer stats
W7 home. 4GB graphics. 16 GB ram... etc etc overqualified computer for FW.
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  • _Lucinka_ - Illyfue
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    I now do too, uninstall game and download again.
    When i loged in game, some menu item no there.
    Really lucker.

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    Same here, I've been trying to update since last night.... nothing.
    I gave up on updating.