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need help what asssin i can get

getyoungergetyounger Posts: 2 Arc User
edited September 2013 in Assassin Discussion
Hi friends
can you help me to build better Assasin and which 1 is more strong please
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  • getyoungergetyounger Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    I need your help please what talent I choose for my assassin to make more stronger
    I am just lv 45 now which is better for me now toll I reach high lvl
    do I have to go mixed or go edge /venom
    or dark as new bee
    and what lvl I can change for just pure talent

    thank you
  • Idolon - Storm LegionIdolon - Storm Legion Posts: 294 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    Ok, first are you wanting to focus more on PvP or PvE? pretty important when deciding a build.

    two, Venom/Edge is terrible since you'd be focusing on two masteries and never getting the good bonuses later in either tree.

    Any hybrid builds made are always Edge/Dark (the most common build), or venom/dark(much less common), full Dark is only useful if you are going for pure PvP and full evasion.

    And you should probably search the forums a little more, there's oodles of builds and information out there, even if its slightly outdated, like the guides for example.
    81 Venom Sin
    pvp venom since beta
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