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Nyos Die or better Nyos zombie?

jam829jam829 Posts: 1 Arc User
edited August 2013 in Nyos (PvP EU)
Nyos server highly of the population lacks and will remain so unless something is done It was never really crowded at first, but now is ridiculous and getting worse. Dies Before people suggest server PW Nyos introduce a specific event or feature or something, otherwise it will die Nyos.
There has to be a super exclusive item, but would be nice if it was something not easily achieved in the other servers, in order to get some people to us. All servers neighbors are nowhere near as neardeath as Nyos is and this situation must be corrected.
If you do not like my suggestion, okay. Suggest new answer or do not comment at all. I want this to be a thread outlining possible solutions that would not only appeal to PW hatred or spam threads.
Thanks for reading
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