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Patch Notes for 7/30/2013 v0.433.0

VagueAngel - Storm LegionVagueAngel - Storm Legion Posts: 2,798 Arc User
edited July 2013 in Patch Notes
- Title <Internet Famous> now correctly displays.
- Arc Overlay now functions at login screen.
- 2nd Ability on the transformation in Tenebra Mines now correctly displays tooltip information.
- IP text at character select screen no longer overlaps.

New Items:

- Action Scroll: Boogie
Boogie allows opposite gender users to dance together. Both users must have the action emote.
Currently, Stonemen cannot dance with anyone.

- Cliffy- Flying Mount
Cliffy the flying squirrel has been added to the Eyrda Boutique

- Phoenix Feather
The Phoenix Feather allows players to reduce the Flight Level Requirement of select mounts. Talk to Nadine to exchange your mount!
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