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Patch Notes for 7/25/2013 v0.430.0

VagueAngel - Storm LegionVagueAngel - Storm Legion Posts: 2,798 Arc User
edited July 2013 in Patch Notes
- Gear Transmutation
Destroy Identified Relic Gear to extract its attributes and apply those attributes to other gear of the same type.

-Tenebra Mines Instance
Enter through the party settings interface or from Darsel Ashrock in the Crystal Valley.
Earn Ancient Gear and Transmutatuon scrolls.
Previously known as Dark Dwarf Mine

- Sanctuary Ruins
New PvP/PvE Instance
Two teams compete to be the first to defeat the boss.

-Crucible PvP Map
While on realm 2, teleport to the new map from Crucible Warden in Blossom Boulevard.
Previously known as No Man's Land

- Dyeable Fashion
Dyes may now be used to change the color of dyable Wedding and Far East/Oriental fashions.
Old versions of this fashion can be exchanged for dyable versions with Gabriel.
More dyable fashions coming soon!

- Guild Lottery
With enough dedication, get items and Soul Coins from guild lottery.

- Guild Midas Event
Get extra gold and soul power for completing guild base quests, extra rewards are based on Dedication level.

- Mount Exchange
Exchange some mounts with Nadine for improved versions of certain mounts.
Watch for the Phoenix Feather, coming soon to the Eyrda Boutique.

- Hero Fate Challenge Quest
Pick up this daily quest from Henry in Freedom Harbor
Challenge the Fate Instance to get bonus rewards!

Additional Improvements:

- Can now exchange Eyrda Leaves and Mercury Statuettes for Gold and Guild funds.
- Guild interface optimized.
- New Tavern quests added.
- Vehicle or transformation segments added to starting zone quests.
- Miner and Artisan maximum level increased.
- Talent hotbar placement persists after swapping talents.
- Increased points received when using battlefield card for Frostgale Fjord.
- Optimized login system.
- Natalie now exchanges for Champion rep.

Bug fixes and optimizations:

- Now able to add unbound versions of items to stacks of bound versions of that item (Items will all become bound).
- Astral meteor Event will no longer require Guild Affair Envelopes.
- Heart Queen Fashion will now correctly display effects when worn by Elf characters.
- Tyranex Mount will now be able to be upgraded into a [Combat] version.
- Lycan Characters are now able to wear many more Fashion Items.
- Baroness Gown now correctly displays effects when upgraded.
- Charcter Portraits will no longer flicker when participating in a Guild War.
- "Above Average Man" and "Invincible Sodium Man" titles (from Hades and Ichiban Orbs, respectively) are no longer bound. If you have a bound version, we will be adding an NPC whereby users can exchange their bound titles for unbound ones.

Known Issues:

- Lycan animations are broken when transformed and holding handheld fashion.
- Option to exchange 8000 Eyrda Leaves in the new Guild Midas system is not currently functional.

- Tenebra Mines
- During the Swampmother fight, the 2nd ability in the Transformation UI reads Error Desc. This ability is crucial during the fight- while transformed, you will need to use this ability to drain your health to escape. Target another party member, press 2, then switch to another party member
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