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    As stated above, it was just my opinion. Also I already know how you obtain "instance" gear. And there is no sense in saving up gold to buy shards, just use Eyrda points and get them for free.

    I was meaning saving up gold to buy the set pieces haha. I'm just saying that making those set pieces so easy to obtain pretty much causes the value of the gear to drop immensely o: Pretty much like, if you want arena gear, you do arena. If you want the champ set, you do what is required to get it. You want the instance gear? You do the instances. It's all part of having something unique in each instance in terms of gear rather than the same ol' regular gear all the time.
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    amandix123 wrote: »
    :( Awwww we have so many lycan ghosts....My twilight grace suit (F) is non-useable now....>.< is this going to be fixed?

    Gonna stay forever this way :D
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    amarantos wrote: »
    i bet nyxa wishes she had a dime for every time a stupid question is asked on the forums :D

    she'd be rich :eek:

    Then I could retire :D
    Rich and insane haha. Jk Nyxa don't hurt me .-.

    nah that was pretty funny
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