Workaround for "Cannot load game data" crashing

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I have found a work-around for the "Cannot load game data" crash that seems to work.

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
I dont own so i havent tested this on other OS's. I would like test results from Windows Vista and Windows 8 64-bit OSs.

Every time I am going to enter an instance, or enter/exit my a base (the times that this error happens) I hit control-alt-delete to back out to the blue screen user panel, then it press [cancel] or hit the escape key to come back into my normal desktop/game. I've had my task manager open and when I do this, the game (game.exe) memory jumps downward from about 1.5GB of memory usage to around 1.1GB. I then accept the instance entry or enter the base and never crash. I have to do this EVERY time however, as this memory leak fills up to 1.5GB again rather quickly.

I have been using this technique for the better part of a month now, to really give it an alpha test. Now its time to beta test it (involve others).

Let me know how everyone else does with this. Its not convenient to have to always do this. On the other hand its alot more convenient than constantly restarting the game client. On the occasions I forget to do this work around, I inevitably crash, so I know it is helping. I hope this helps others.

P.S. Mod, please do not merge this with other crash threads, since I really think this helpful information deserves to be a top post with an appropriate thread title to catch the attention of players with this issue.
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    Interesting...I'll sure to be testing this out and giving my results.
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    seriously?? 1.1 > 1.5 GIGs ??

    Thanks god Im running XP My GAME.EXE runs ate 750,000 K,,,

    FUNNY though, it use to run at 450,000 K before Xmas ,,,,

    So during one of the past 4 or 5 Updates mem usage has almost doubled ,,,,,

    You could try

    This seems to work very well on my other Boat Anchor that only has a 512 AGP Vid Card and 2 gigs of ram

    Dont know if it works on VISTA ( PUKES, had this and threw it out ), win 7 ? Wont play Games on that comp,,,, win 8?? no Idea,, I like XP actually,,,
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  • sqli
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    mine only runs 150k
    and i crash every single damn time. I cant even do arena for fear of losing my high score. lol

    anyways, Ill still try this
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  • Seraphe - Storm Legion
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    I just tried this for multiple situations, before teleporting in and out of Guild Base, the moment before applying for instances (always waiting til I'm the last to apply).

    Although it appeared to be reducing the amount of crashes, it didn't work all the time, so I'm going to say that this is not a reliable work around and you will still need to restart the client before applying for instances.

    Thank you for sharing your theory however.

    OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Josei - Storm Legion
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    Thanks for sharing. This crashing is driving me crazy.
    I'll try it and post my result.

    Update: Tried it for a day on Win7 64bit OS and haven't encountered any crash yet. This workaround seems to have at least reduced the crashing rate, if not removing it completly. Thanks for sharing it again
  • fthawe
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    I notice when I switch windows it lowers anyways, probably from space required to display to game.
    Original Space taken upon start up: 1,244,000 kb
    Original Space taken upon one hour of gameplay: 1,516,000 kb
    Space taken during Log-Screen for 9 seconds: 1,120,000 kb
    Recovery Space taken: 5 seconds back to 1,400,000 kb

    Average Crash rate: 1/10
    Average Crash rate - Log-Screen: 0/7 So far

    Load Speed - Slower. The game looks like nothing has happened, then turns into the loading screen(in Black) then loads. 1 second slower.

    -Yes so far
  • xcholex
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    Ive been doing this and it has helped A LOT i dont crash all the time at least.
    Also ive been switiching my graphics setting to "perfomance" right before starting to load from the mini map thingy (hope you know what im talking about), in addition to doing what the OP said, and i almost never crash when entering instances, i still do close the client and log in again every couple hours, and lets say i went from crashing 7 out of 10, to just 2 out of 10.
  • Granite_Blade - Illyfue
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    Mine uses 1.5gb ram and crashes when i teleport... I'll try this when I get home from school. :)
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  • parking
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    The MAJOR theme here seems to be that Win 7 64 bit uses

    1.5 GIG mem

    thats a major problem ,, I hit my task mang and Mine is 750,000 ( XP )

    Like I said,, it used to be 450,000 mem

    So somewhere between Xmas and Now the mem usage DOUBLED !!!

    FYI: I slapped in another 4gig ram chip

    (( this is on my 2.6 dual layer Intell chip MATCHED to an MSI G41M-P34 MoBo / 8 gigs ram/ Gforce Nividia 9500 vid, / win XP ))

    this Comp is stripped and usually ONLY has 15 items running in Task Manager ,,,

    Try turning OFF all the CR4P that runs in the background on WIN 7 and see what happens
    Im sure Micro Soft has a walk through on their website that will tweek your 7 into a gamer,, they have one for XP
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