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Aepelio Treasury Order

miciocicciomiciociccio Posts: 642 Arc User
edited November 2012 in Suggestion Box

One thing i've noticed is that when i can play all day long at midday or around that i've already unlocked it so not much point do do many things anymore for the rest of the day.

Lately i never do exo, no point, is boring like hell and i dont need xp anyway (dont need his dedi aswell can get 200 without it even though i never do arena aswell), same for gt, doing it just cuz nowaday is really fast and for guild quest (not that the 100 mentor, or maybe a lil more, are anything nowaday, botting with low give you lot more and is done afk and when you want) and ofc never go af cf's aswell.

Will be nice if we are able to take 2 of those each day (anyway even if you cant unlock both of them you can always put in bank and keep for the future) or maybe make them require x2 the xp (360 mils) and maybe have a lil better rewards.

Have something to unlock give you a little push on doing stuff and make a lil harder get bored to death (ok now there's the 12v12, still...), will have sense then do perfume (that i do only when somone need and ask me cuz i dont need at all), someone wc about the love letter, why i should bother go, change realm and all when i dont need xp? many other daily's, like the tutorial alch and chef and many other things that atm dont have much sense bother do (at least for me).

Oh yes, i could go play on an alt but that's not the point, i will like use my main and alts when i want, not use them cuz got nothing to do on main :3

Later and hf and remember to apply 12v12 :P


Ps: botting help also a lot unlocking that Order and yes, atm i am botting a LOT, cuz need soul power, this dont help, even more when there x2 xp from mobs :P
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