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Supposedly this game is using a new engine (about time) called Angelica III

Copied this from an MMO site:
- The game boasts having unique real-time day and night, real-time weather(different types and intensities of rain, snow, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc) and real-time seasonal patterns, that affect enemy ai, quests, monster patterns, etc.

- The game boasts "unprecedented" NPC interaction with systems more akin to Bioware's single player games, with alignment systems and NPCs reacting differently to you depending on what you do(doing something for one NPC might ruin your reputation with other, etc). There were some info bits that some NPCs might even start hiring other players to take you down as a quest, if you **** them off enough and etc. Also game offers capability of courting and marrying any NPC in the game world.

- The game website boasts "freedom of choice", saying that any player will be able to be anything he decides to with things ranging from criminals and thieves to imperial guards, kings, merchants and shop owners.

- The game has a "freeform" skill design where players are allowed to actually design their own skills to use, combining effects, visuals, keys, etc - its a little unclear on how it works, but alongside already existing teachings and styles in the game lore, players are said to be able to create their own skills and teach them to others.

The combat looks fun, the customization seems on pair with PWI, the graphics are pretty. What do you guys think?
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