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Silly idea for Illyfue?

miciocicciomiciociccio Posts: 642 Arc User
edited September 2012 in Server Symposium
Hi all

Lately i've heard that there was a pool in the forum about turning Illyfue in a pvp server, may be just a rumor or just ******** seen the one told me got told by a friend etc etc and also looking around in the forums i've found nothing about it (even though i am not really pro with forums :P).

However, got to say this will be a really stupid idea, myself and for sure MOST of the player on Illyfue chosed to plat a PVE server, if some ppls are so dumb that dont know what PVE mean, started a char there and NOW wanna change (cuz are lvl 80, end game, lvl 3wings and BORED a lot prolly), that's their problem, just make another char on a pvp one.

Forums pools also are a joke, the majority of the players dont even bother to come ever in the forums, so only few will actually vote and this can lead to big mistakes, happened the same on a pirate server i was playing, there was like 20 ppls that wanted to change (in fact wipe) out of like 400/500 players that instead of trolling the forum all the time (cuz BORED here too) was just enjoing the game, they made a pool and guess what? most of votes was for the change (cuz in fact only those 20 trolls voted and few, like me say no), they wiped and after wipe population gone to 1/3 of before, not only that, in about 1 year population kept going down until it close (cuz without ppls to worship them even those wannabe vips get bored and quit lol).

I for first will finally quit that game if my server I PICKED CAUSE IS PVE will turn into a pk fest (even though most pk will harass lowbye and not a lvl 80 prot with lvl 2 wing that can turn diamond in a sec even though i dont like diamond at all) and i bet most of the players will do aswell, s o then hf at merging servers cuz no more ppls around (and already now, is more a alt game with ppls running 3/4/5 clients than anything else).

For those "now discovered pvp lovers", just offer them a transfer on a pvp server, if you can merge servers for sure you can move single chars, however, i bet those will cry like babies to come back once they get their **** kicked in there and see they cant own anymore WB's, Twins etc etc, open pk is totally different from arena, 12 v 12 etc etc, gank ftw :3

BB and HF

FatPris (lvl 80 prot, Illifue)
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  • Ginius - IllyfueGinius - Illyfue Posts: 2,509 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    Sorry but you got it wrong ^^.

    It was never planned to turn Illyfue in a PvP server, it was only asked if adding a 11th realm which would be PvP would be a good idea, which means as long as you stay on the 10 other realms, it will be exactly the same as now :rolleyes:
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  • miciocicciomiciociccio Posts: 642 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    Well , i didnt got anything, as said i've heard that rumor, tried to find anytihng in forum and found nothing so kinda asked and putted my thougts :P

    Dont see any problem at adding a new pvp realm or even turning 1 existing realm in pvp, quite different from the fake rumor i've heard :P

    Thx and later
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