Character Select - Login Failed

Demyx - Storm Legion
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So I just had this error pop up. I was able to fix it by changing realm, however I thought I would bring up the error for future reference and how it came about with me.

I was getting ready to leave 12v12. The "Leave" button had just come up and when I pressed it, instead of leaving the "You have been disconnected..." window popped up. From the timing of it, it was almost like pushing Leave had DCed me. When I attempted to sign back onto the character, I was told Login Failed and again I was disconnected. I was able to log into all other character on the account, but could not log back into my main until I changed realms.

I bring it up because in the future this may happen to someone else, and changing Realms might fix it. I also bring it up because had changing realms NOT fixed it, I would of had no way of accessing that character.
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