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Dyos Requiem (Bard) Animation Broken

Salvis - LionheartSalvis - Lionheart Posts: 85 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Bug Reports
I just hit 40 Nature in my Dyos tree and got the "New Requiem Animation" But... there's no animation. Nothing happens when I cast the skill, there are no effects whatsoever. Not even the original look of the skill. Fix please, it's a skill in my rotation and it's terrible not having the animation cause I end up mashing the button thinking the skill isn't working.
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Salvis Lvl 80 Wind Bard
Salynn Lvl 80 Divine Priest


  • lokisdottirlokisdottir Posts: 108 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Hey we see the new animation (gold instead of blue) with no problems. Have you tried playing with your graphic settings to make it appear? This is more likely a tech issue than a bug since we see it on our end.
  • Vekka - LionheartVekka - Lionheart Posts: 174 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    I've seen a similar thing happen with a Nyos Priest on their regeneration heal. regardless of graphics settings the animation only appears maybe 30% of the time. The rest of it you don't even see her cast it. This is both from the perspective of the player and a party member.

    You might try casting it multiple times to see if you can get it to show up at all.
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