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nightfall gear

iamcoolerthanyouiamcoolerthanyou Posts: 9 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Marksman Discussion
can someone tell me about all this new(ish) light purple armour, finding it quite hard to get whole set, got helmet but thats all.... anyone know where you get the rest and which bits are where, i know some is obtained through arena and some at lv 70 over lv up acheivment thing on shylia market, what part is that?? and a bit at rep agent but there are like 3 different sets, can anyone shed any light??
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  • Axym - LionheartAxym - Lionheart Posts: 1,484 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    wait... what?

    From what I know the nightfall rep gear is from Cesar, and his lady friend next to him. The helmet is from achievements and the rest is from your normal rep agent.

    Unless I'm thinking of the very wrong gear. >.> only arena gear comes from arena.
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