Looking for a good pet combinig guide?

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It just makes me angry that my combinatios attemps failed, so i hoping someone knows where i can find a good pet guide, thank for your time
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    Pet Combining Guide ,,
    2%+2% = 3%+3%=5%+5%=10%+10%=15+15%=20% etc etc to 50% ,,,,

    Ya you bet there is ! ! ! ! ! 60% to 80% or higher, and higher the higher you go

    Cheats, hints, Tips

    Hold your tounge in your left check, run around your chair 5 time left,, 3 time right,, hollering Oooggaaggaaggaaaa, oooggaaggaaaa, bagoogaagaagaagaaa ...

    IMPORTANT ! ! you MUST follow this exactly for ful results
    You MUST do this on a full moon exactly at 11:53 AM on a saturday while wearing Astro boy pajamas and a New York Giants Baseball cap, ( You may substitute the baseball cap for any other team you want

    If the above fails,,, and it will over and over again ,,,, Face plant your keyboard till you have QWERTYUIOP on your forehead and ZXCVBNM<>?? on your chin ,,

    this wont work either but it will look funny as hell !!
    You cant fix STUPID, but YOU CAN KILL IT ! ! !
    FYI:90% of my post is sarcasm,read it again and figure it out!