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Which Class? Ice-Mage / WaterBard or Blood-Vampire?

spitefulmaidenspitefulmaiden Posts: 12 Arc User
edited May 2012 in Class Discussion
hey guys...

so I have a lvl 77 assassin but im kinda done with it... (i just want to state, that i do have knowledge about the game)

anyways :

I can't decide which class to choose, i'm pounding between an Ice-Mage, a Water-Bard or a Blood Vampire.

What i'd love to do is pvp and pve (instances etc.) + the class should be able to be good in pvp & pve without cash shopping.

so, can someone list the pro's and cons of those 3 classes? i'd be very glad if someone could help me.
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  • Ghundam - EyrdaGhundam - Eyrda Posts: 321 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    I would go for the ice mage. Lots of cc, useful in both PvE and PvP and due to the stupid drop system nothing is cheaper than azures!
  • thethibaultthethibault Posts: 85 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    This really depends on how much work you are planning to put into the character. Ice mages are extremely good in pvp because of their insane cc, BUT they are SUPER squishy without lots of work or cs. Blood vampires arent all that great in pvp and arent very useful in pve either.... dark vampire can do insane dps in both pvp and pve and has some really useful skills (that all vamps do i know) like feast and dark bonds.

    Of the three id say water bard, mainly based on the fact you said without cash shopping. A water bard has GREAT cc AND has the shield to back it up when the cc drops. They scale on health, attack, and mana (mana improves mana drain which is one of the best things ever in pvp). They also do not too shabby dps in pve with some pretty nice party buffs while never dieing and never ending mana pool because of the shield.

    My second pick would be vampire, but dark instead of blood. If you are insistent on blood id demote it to third pick.

    Last pick is ice mage because of how much work they need to be viable in pvp (they do very little dmg in pvp and have very little health but they can turn the tide of a battle with cc)
  • spitefulmaidenspitefulmaiden Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    thanks guys, more opinions are appreciated! :)
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