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I would like to have some active and passive bonuses for many of the Jobs, espeically the ones hardest to level.

Since the introduction of the rune system, daily grinding has become a must, and this is putting serious wear and tear on my gear. Considering that armorsmith and weaponsmith have very little use past level 5--other than crafting void recipes--I would like to see some bounses like reduced gear durability degradation, reduced gear repair rates, and possibly a daily quest to increase the durability of a chosen piece of gear by 1 point for free.

Scavenging could allow you to use shards and prisms directly to repair gear on the spot. This would be very nice for long fights or emergencies where you can't leave to go repair at an NPC.

The grinding has also taken a toll on potion consumption. It would be nice if alchemy gave very slight enhancements to player and NPC potions, reduced cost for NPC potions, and possibly reduced cooldown rate (like 1 second). Some more powerful bonuses could be a small percent to use two potions at once, or a small percent that the potion will be refunded after consuming.

Botany could allow you to eat the herbs directly to recover small amounts HP or MP like a potion, but on a seperate cooldown so that it acts as a beneficial but not over-powered supplement to potions.

I don't have all of the jobs, so I don't know how the other ones could benefit, but please suggest more if you have those jobs. Most of all, I want to see benefits to armorcrafting, because my gear is really getting wrecked from all this grinding.
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