US event times on EU servers?!

FreakyPrie - Nyos
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Seriously, may I ask what they were thinking here?

First the event times aren't announced in CET (EU server time). Fine, we went to the trouble of looking em up on the forum, guess finding a converter after that isn't that much more time. Still, would be nice if we wouldn't have to do that ourselves just like with maints nowaday.

Second, announcing the friggin next rabbit hunt AGAIN in PDT. On an EU server! And apparently logging out instantly afterwards, considering I got no response whatsoever when I asked on world chat whether they could give the times in server time. :rolleyes:

Third, the actual time of the event. The second hunt started at 3AM! Wtf is up with that? How many people are actually gonna be online at 3AM? (Especially on a thursday, as I don't think everyone is free today)

Why give the EU servers the same event times as the US servers? That's just not gonna work. Are you guys that lazy? Lack of gms in the EU timezone? General we don't give a damn attitude?

Meh, rant over.