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Under the Dyos virture soul power tab (ctrl + N), there is a level 30 node called Dyos Reply. It increases healing effects by increments of 30. I don't understand why this node is active for classes that don't have skills specifically classified as heals. I put 1 point into it just to see if it would affect a protector's recovery aura. It doesn't, which I'm sure is intended because this aura is classified as a defense skill instead of a healing skill, but why do we have it? I also tried seeing if it affected a protector's health recovery from the marble talent Spirit of Rocks, but the math is hard to get very precise considering this talent also boosts health effects by a large percent.

Does it or should it affect the heals we recieve? Does it or should it affect potion use? Is there any chance we can see this integrated into classes that currently have no use for it? Instead of increments of 30, increments of 3 would be an appealing, balanced benefit to Recovery Aura.

There is also a level 20 node called Dyos blessing which inreases healing effects by a small percent. I don't want to waste soul power trying to test this out, just to discover that it doesn't affect protectors, but I think it could apply to Recovery Aura which already boosts healing affects.

In short, why do we all have this if we all can't utilise it?
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