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Advice on build?

Imara_ - LionheartImara_ - Lionheart Posts: 3 Arc User
edited May 2012 in Marksman Discussion
I know, I just keep buggin you people.

So continuing from my last question: Both soul and burst are awesome, so I made a build for both of them. Its mainly soul, with the first skill from burst (wanted a good aoe just in-case)


tips? anything I should change?


edit: My goal is single -dps (pvp and pve) with a aoe skill for grinding and instances (just in case kinda thing) The mage I party with is mainly aoe, so its not my main concern, mine is to hit hard and and us much as possible before I die XD
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  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    quit the points of stray bullet, they arent worth it, and deadly accuracy isnt really necesary, if u go for pvp i suggest that u use the weaking cloud xD, and some points for fast accion are good , and if u wanna go dps, u better put the points of penetrating shot into heat bullet, that way u would have MFB and soul snipe :D
  • critstalker123critstalker123 Posts: 21 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    Hello all.

    I saw this thread and i thought i could also use this to ask for some advice. I recently (about 3 weeks now) started playing an MM (lvl 45 currently). He is a Burst MM and i was wondering if this Hybrid build was a good lvl 80 build.


    I would like your feedback on this build tyvm in advance. (I play on a PvE server btw)
  • dr4koedr4koe Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited April 2012
    Here's a response to Imara's build.

    Couple questions -

    1) Do you have decent crit chance? (at least 2 GS 3s, maybe pet skill) (I'd say min 15-20% base)

    If you don't, don't bother putting anything into Soul Detonation, it's alrdy stunning 50% of the time when you hunter mark.

    2) Do you have any plans to go eva? If not, don't worry about upgrading cloud, it won't help you much later.

    Don't put any points into soul rift, soul suspension, or stray bullet. Instead allocate your points into soul concentration - you'll get a lot more soul bullets this way. They don't give you enough benefit.. In pvp they give almost no benefit, and in pve if you manage your bullets well/reallocate you won't run out (this may mean u turning bullets on and off).

    Based on you wanting your RoF:

    Notice I also took out the extra skills form burst, to put 3 more in upgrading BoR. Depending what roll you want to fill, you can move those around. For pvp CC, you can put all 3 into Trap of Magic. If you need more soul bullets, go for 2 Dwarf's luck/1 stray bullet... I like it in BoR cause it really increases your dgm by a lot for pvp. You could move 1 point to RoF and have 2 in Opression. This build is high atk and mastery --> It's not a huge critting/crit dgm build. It also gives you more acc (decrease enemy eva more).

    Durability + cast off is a huge skill in pvp, it's your only other anti-cc besides racial and badge.

    If you do have high crit chance, take 3 from quick reloading, put it into soul detonation.

    @ critstalker --> I don't have enough experience with burst to say yes or no. However, I'm think you may need higher level burst skills to increase your burn stacking, which would long term do more dgm than the upgraded MFB...
  • plusonecharismaplusonecharisma Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    I have played a lot of hybrids and full tree builds and I settled on the following Hybrid Build.


    This is the best build I could come up with factoring in all other variables.

    This build is best for those MM with Firemastery over lvl 40 and atk over 4500. It scales well down to lvl 20 mastery and 3500 atk. Scaling up it just gets better, the Pen Shot debuffs over the additional Soul Snipe bonus damage brings much greater gains as mastery increases.

    Plus you have 5 full seconds of spammable RoF for the support AoE role and mob farming.

    Some will argue that using FaW more often in the rotation helps with bullet generation and points in the Swift Penetration can be reallocated and they may be right, but Im still trying to find the perfect groove with the skill rotation for prolonged DPS.

    FYI, a 6s CD on RoF is useless since it aggros mobs but gives no way to finish them off, without taking damage from the ones your single target atks are not currently targeting. Thus if you are wanting a RoF build you will have to have Backup Fire or Bullet screen with it, for it to be useful.

    2 pts in Backup Fire gives RoF 0s CD and you can spam it for the 8s Quick reloading gives you(5times in a row)

    Bullet Storm can cut the regular cool down to 2 sec and increase multitarget range 20% but it requires at least 29 pts in burst and that puts BoR out of reach, altho it has use for Precision/Burst builds.


    Soul PVP Build - No Party Buffs and using Runes for Soul Resolution

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