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Code and Safety Lock - Explained

Magicka - Storm LegionMagicka - Storm Legion Posts: 2,061 Arc User
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Hoping this will help those confused with the Safety Lock Feature


Your Safety Lock is located at the top left of your screen, under the picture of your Avatar.


Clicking this will bring up all your options.

Temporary Unlock



This will allow you to unlock your Stash protection until next time you log in.

Change Password


This option will allow you to change your password.

If you have never set a password, then leave the top box ('Old Password') blank and just enter the password you want to use in the other two boxes.

To remove a password, enter the your old password into the 'Old Password' and leave the 'New Password' one blank.

Force Unlock


This feature allows you to delete a forgotten password. This process will take 7 days. It may be faster to contact support and talk to them about recovering your original password.

Change Protection Time


This feature allows you to set the time your Safety Lock is active after you log in.

Safety Lock affects the following:-


Enter (in minutes) the amount of time you want this feature to activate. Minimum is 1 minute. Default is 3.

Shortening the time takes 3 days to become effective. Changing the time again within the 3 days will 'reset' the 3 day wait.

Lengthening the time takes effect instantly.

Hope this is of help, any errors or omissions, please let me know and I can change/update as necessary. Thank you.
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