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As it is now we have 2/16 available space in the pet bag and 2/6 in the
incubating area and so far only a level 3 tamer can buy 1 more space for incubating. Why not just open up all the spaces, we arent in closed beta any more so we arent testing things. If need be put an item in the tokens shop or rewards shop or even the ingame cash shop but let us open the rest of these spaces for pets.

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    For a tamer, having only 2 incubating slots is annoying when you're trying hard to level up the job. That's 2 points every 5 or 10 minutes, longer if the pet does incubate to more than 10 minutes. It would also be nice even if the tamer job to automatically open an extra incubating slot and a level 3 tamer opens a fourth or whatever.

    Quite honestly though, apart from advaced soul catching and the ability to do the Healthy Diet daily, I can't really see any benefits from the taming job. It's not like a tamer gets a higher chance for a green or blue pet or have the ability to combine or add skills to their own pets without the aid of Hicks. They can't even take temporary ownership of another players pet to help other players improve their pets with the healthy diet quest etc.

    It would be nice for a tamer to have the services that Hicks does - combining, pet academy etc for a service charge to other players. Same window for them to use but you set the charge instead of it being system set. From what I've seen, the taming job is just too limited.