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Hai. I can has guild?

Aesarin - Storm LegionAesarin - Storm Legion Posts: 697 Arc User
edited September 2011 in Storm Legion (PvE East)
I've been trying to put it off, if not avoid it altogether, however as I rise in level, I'm finding more and more that guilds aren't really optional in this game. So if I must join one, I might as well join a good one.

Besides, it gets boring being this guy all the time:


Let's see if your guild would be a good match. First, here's some things about me:

- I'm very casual. VERY casual. I may be logged in a lot because my computer is awesome, but I'm also afk a lot. When I do group things, I do put in effort, though. I'm not a GT/GL afker; I condemn such behavior.

- I have no idea what the guild base quests are like, however in terms of the guild quests offered by Jessica in FH, I typical do anywhere from 2-4 per day. (So you can see that I'm not a complete slacker!)

- I have a deep-seeded hatred for voice chat applications, such as ventrilo and teamspeak. If your guild requires such things, you can stop reading right now because I don't belong with you. :)

- Being an adult, I like "adult" stuff. I like to cuss, I enjoy perverted/gross humor, offensive/controversial topics, etc. As such, an adults-only guild is strongly preferred over a guild full of kids.

- I speak English, and want a guild full of people who also know how to speak English.

- I like creative, fun, openminded, and easy-going people. Playing amidst a group of play-to-pwns isn't of any interest to me. (I used to play like that in other games, but then I grew up, LOL)

- - -

As a guildmember, I realize I'm nowhere near as appealing as Joe Cashshopper and his fairy wings, his rare pimped-out pet, and his burning desire to pwn every boss the week it's released. Even still, I still think I'd be a good addition to any guild.

As long as they have a sense of humor and aren't easily offended. ^^

Edit: The avatar lies horribly. I'll be level 60 sometime this week.
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Is metroid's gun attached to his suit or is it a part of his arm?
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  • Rhugiga - Storm LegionRhugiga - Storm Legion Posts: 226 Arc User
    edited August 2011
    lol sounds alot like me XD and how did you manage to get that high withought a guild??? anyway you can always try my guild (well not ACTUALLY mine but im in it) Macabre :D we are lvl 3 almost have enough money for a guild base, should get it next week in the bidding.

    we are 18+ with voice chat which most of us are on about every day around 7+ eastern time.

    I dont think we require to much guild quest wise, i cant quite remember our requirements exactly, i think is like 20 cont a week but dont quote me on that. we almost always run 2-4 different instances a night(depending on what instances) to help everyone get their GQ's done.

    To get more info you can PM Namine ingame (she is the guild leader) or Igneous (Vice leader) you can try PMing me ingame on Rhugiga, but i might be AFK for class or somehting like that. feel free to send me mail or something if you cant get intouch with anyone and ill make sure to get someone on at time when you can be on

    also my avatar lies too QQ its been stuck at that since i hit that lvl and im 68 now >_>
    <"Its not a success unless someone fails">
  • azhagazhag Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2011
    VSQReserve... contact Mytocles. As long as you're not toooo crude, we fit the rest of your preferences nicely. Active players, but casual, no voice chat, willing to help each other out.
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