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Pet skill learning process bugged?

YggdrasiI - Storm LegionYggdrasiI - Storm Legion Posts: 0 Arc User
edited April 2011 in Technical Support Zone
When I first taught my pet two skills, they didn't overwrite each other. It learned Bonecrushing Wind II and Mana Leech II, side by side, in the offensive slots. Later, BCWII was replaced with Fighting Will II. Okay, everything is fine and dandy here still.

The pet, a husky, came with Deadliness I. Recently, I won Self- Recovery I and figured, what the heck, I have an open Assist skill slot. I take him to Hicks and put the pet and the skill in their respective slots and teach. However, when I look at my pet, Deadliness was replaced with Self- Recovery instead of two assist skills being side by side.

What gives?


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