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Sup guys... any fans out there? im looking for an old song i had and i cant find it anywhere. it had some crazy a$$ bass, it was almost completely instrumental other than a few lines from ice cubes song AMERIKKKA'S MOST WANTED repeated periodically.

"Back in the day I did my share of dirt
Sometimes I got away clean, sometimes people got
But if you know me, you know that I'm liable
To bust a cap cos it's all about survival of the
I'm a menace crook
I did so much dirt I need to be in the guinness book
From the **** I took from people
I reap all your ?, then jet
Back to the criminal sect"

its pretty much parts of that broken up throughout the song, it goes for ages n the bass will make you weak at the knees lol. i cant recall what it was called, really wish i could find it. i keep thinkin "cop killer" when im trying to name it. any cube/green fans out there can help me out?