lack of quests

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did i read somewhere you can quest all the way through to max level?

i ran out of quests half way through level 34 with a quest telling me to reach level 36. ive grinded my way to about 4 bars from 36 so far and meanwhile ive realized that this is probably going to happen every few levels. am i really going to have to grind every 1.5 levels out of 3 with no quests?

i already know most of the answers im gunna get, gt, wind, special/lucky quests, henry.... these things seem to be getting less and less rewarding, i even do friend of the dwarves the last 20 henry quest crafting dailys all guide quests, dungeon dailys, other events.....

but im still grinding and paying real money just to get xp, those wind scrolls aint free. and it cost more after doing four of them. i never turn my pc off, i always stay on and pray.


  • mirrai
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    I think it doesn't lack on quest, it just the exp reward from story quest didn't grow with your exp needs.
    Only dailies exp reward that grow with your exp needs. :(
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