Huge amount of grinding / brainless grinding for lvl up



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    ouriel your the narrow minded one
    Yeah they release new games maybe once a year but all of there games are good which tells something about the company and the developers. Yeah i know some are becoming lame and old and stuff but they are still played and people still like them. By that alone the company can be judged as experienced and i have faith in them to deliver a good game. They have done that so far despite some setbacks some very annoying features etc. but overall there good at what they do.

    Now about the PC thing. You think that in a family all of the members will play at once ??? And you call me "narrow minded"...

    Ok let me give you an example of a day in a family. Everyone wakes up kids go to school husband goes to work wife stays home and cooks/cleans. The wife is done so what is there to do ? Lets play FW !!!. Ok so thats 1 connected. The kids come from school so they wanna sit at the PC. Thats again another 1 connected. The husband comes home at last eats dinner then goes to play at the PC. Thats another connected....

    Not to mention that some families have 2 PCs in there home some even more. Your also forgetting laptops that can be carried with you anywhere. Also some people play from work. So yeah i do believe that my calculations are closest to the real numbers done by a specialist...
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