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drakenfyre, thats abit of a moot point. also its the same time for crab and the rest of pwe. i wasnt crying, just stating that info and a countdown is a lil pointless right b4 it starts. 12:01 = 23rd, without any knowledge of a start time, it could start at 12:05. it could start at 1am. but who would sit up till 12 midnight to post the info thread? realistically it probly wont start before business hours, but who wouldnt be asleep for most of the hours before that? so no, posting an info thread tomorrow is just bad. and no drakenfyre did not sum anything up at all.


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    Your thread does not make him post the time any sooner. Just wait for him to post.

    There's also something called a PM. Now please stop making threads about the start time, it'll be posted when they have a time.

    Post in the right section and maybe you'll get the help you seek.

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