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looking for a west coast pve guild. love to pvp but the mechanics in this game have pushed me to pve, fortunately theres plenty of pvp options on the pve server so its all good. so who are the top pve guilds around atm?
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    Join Heavenly, fun, helpful based guild :)
    Guild wars aswell xD
    Im planning on competing in the pvp arena aswell :P
    Apply at;


    I wouldnt consider us one of the top.. im not usre ive seen many pve guilds actually.. but we're growing and one of our main goal is to be known :)

    Im not crazy, im Looney ;)
    Heavenly Officer
    Apply now at heavenlyguild.mmoguildsites.com we're built for pve ;)
    Storm Server ~ PVE
    SirLooney ~ Human - Assassin
    LollipopSwirl ~ Dwarve - Marksman
    MsAlice ~ Kindred - Vamp