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just wondering how this is gunna work on larger scales. 1 vs 1 or ganking, the goody baddy system is perfect. but what about larger skirmishes? a red name attacks my white named friend nearby, im white too but the red name has 2 white name friends with him. how do we defend ourselves without going red. if the opposing whites hit first im assuming theres no consequence but what about in larger all out brawls, i cant see it being moderated in anyway. so someone who wants to stay white will not be able to participate in open world skirmishes? selecting ur kills white red white red could work, but should i kill the white guy killing a healer or a red guy posing less threat at the time? is the red/white system active during guild wars? im sure guild base and arenas wouldnt, but the open world guild wars?
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    Way to much thinking goin on, just go red bro.
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