No Aoe skill? Prefered Pet question

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hi there,
so.. i checked on the Talent Calc. twice but couldn't find an aoe skill for warrior (or maybe i'm just bein stupid and accidently skipped it =_="?)
anyway, i wanted to go for (Rage/Bloodlust)

But ive seen threads where ppl talked about thunder slash (can't remember the threads and didn't find them through Search either)

i'm content enough if warriors jsut have one aoe, if not i'll have to go with marksman, but i'm actually a warrior fanatic..

also, if i was to go with Warrior (Rage/bloodlust) what type of pet would best suit me?
( except tank, don't see what tanks good for sind warriors seem to have high hp and ain't distant fighters neither..)

i'm a noob btw. so don't go hard on me >___<
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    Warriors can get their aoe skill soon after they 'unseal'
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    what do u mean by unsealing?
    and is there any screenshot where i can see teh aoe skill?
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    the unsealing skills are at lvl60+. think of them as ultimate skills
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    omg damn i'm a warrior and your telling me i have to wait till i'm level 60 to get an aoe skill lol wow.....well atleast we got and aoe skill from the begining that requires soul