Stop whine already.

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Oh man tired of this fail community on PW's forum. -.-
Are you a ******* or what(sorry for that expresion, but it really irritates)? This is just a game and you are not suppose to play the game, you are suppose to test the game at this current state. All threads "OMG I WASN"T INVITED FOR THE BETA AND I SIGNED UP TEN MONTHS AGO, OMG OMG OMG! I WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS TO PLAY THE GAME AND I DIDN"T GET INVITED"... seriously grow up a bit maybe? I wonder, what is the age of this community, below 12 years or what? ESRB please 16+.
C'mon, you wasn't chosen you don't have to make threads about it, just face the fact. I know some of you are not used to this kind of beta invitation/selection(call it however you want to), but really don't make tons of whine threads please, for the love of God. You won't succeed in anything except making you look stupid and get your "whine thread" closed. I wasn't chosen, but hey! Who cares?
One more time I beg you to please stop whining and making those stupid threads.
Thank you!


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