A game to play while waiting for CB2

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This is something to do while waiting.

The Game
The Object of the game is to get everyone in the world to knowingly play The Game
1. You can only lose every thirty minutes.
2. Whenever you lose The Game, you
MUST tell at least one person.
3. You cannot, not play the game (such as, I dont want to play so I am not(That doesnt work))
4. You cannot win The Game.
5. You can make someone lose The Game (like, you write "You just lost The Game," on a piece of paper or post on a thread).

You and I just lost the Game.
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    I didn't lose! I didn't read the tread! I noticed the title, and just guessed! well, first sentence, and it was obvious that I shouldnt read more! *Scrolling down like a freak to not notice anything in the post*

    Edit: thx for posting, totaly forgot 'bout it, haven't seen it played in about a year... This should be fun!

    Another thing:
    You can post you pictures or text anywhere (in off-topic forum, to not off-topic somewhere else).