Vampire Skill Tree questions?

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Hey as you all know, vamps have 3 different skill trees with different abilities and so on. what i was wondering is if you can use more than just one skill tree. like you can have a heal skill, some from the fire skills, and some dark ones. or is that not possible? do u have to stick to one skill tree? if you guys can enlighten me on this it will be helpful!! Thankiess~
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    You simply can, but its gonna be starting all the way from the top to reach something, lets say, in the middle or in the bottom of the talent tree.

    You might get some benefits from having half-way filled talent trees, but I don't think it would be as useful as compared to a full talent or reaching the bottom of a talent tree while assigning the rest of the talent points in some other tree to assist it.

    I hope that cleared your thoughts, and you're free to ask about what you want.
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