Scheduled Maintenance - 5/31/22

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Server Maintenance Announcement

Maintenance will be occurring on (5/31/22) at 23:00:00 PT.

We expect the maintenance to last approximately 4 hours. The servers will be unavailable during this time. The maintenance will be a server reset, and maybe other stuff too.

***Reminder: Maintenance times are subject to change. We ask that you please be patient and bear with us, as our offices are being affected by epidemic precautions.***

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

This week Vamp hit level 50 wc and calculated that if Vamp got it by buying boxes at normal prices, it would have cost Vamp 1,304,800 leaves. That's between ~24,000 to 32,620 USD depending on when you buy and in what amounts.

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