Scheduled Maintenance - 4/12/22

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Server Maintenance Announcement

Maintenance will be occurring on (4/12/22) at 22:59:56 PT.

Vamp's back, back, back, back again, again, again

We expect the maintenance to last approximately 4 hours. The servers will be unavailable during this time. The maintenance will be a server reset, some network updates and internal adjustments as the team investigates reported issues. And GMs should go fix game balance issues due to exploit as well :D Also add all the stuff we missing in game like attribute binder, adv pack score tokens, domineering army box, other boxes, etc o/

***Reminder: Maintenance times are subject to change. We ask that you please be patient and bear with us, as our offices are being affected by epidemic precautions.***

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, Vamp go steal stuff off of PWI server maintenance post
Edit for Patch Notes link here. Or assume for just a server restart / minor updates.

Due to Vamp being very busy at work QQ and also busy with FW stuff o/ Vamp still working on upcoming video. Hopefully it should be done by this Sunday

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