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Advanced class reroll item.

kayn#6402 kayn Posts: 3 Arc User
edited October 23 in Game Forums
Hello,lets publically adress the advanced class reroll problem.In the EU servers we have no access to the reroll item.Players want to experiment different classes,as it is normal.Since this item exists in the chinese servers,in the shop,available for eyrda leafs,we should have the access to that aswell.You give us the option to reroll,but we can't get the item to do that with,which is nonsense.If we do have the option to reroll our class,and not create an alt in which we have to invest gold,items,and time in it,let us be able to buy that item,and just do it.I do think the relationship player-admin-developer is getting better,since we got the merge,and we got some fixes,which we are grateful for,fix this aswell @anole300#5837 :D.I assure you this will only get you positive feedback.Thank you for your attention,cheers.


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