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    bonjour all je suis français et comme je ne plus écrire sur le forum français je parlerai en français ici suite un post sur le cheat items gold j'ai eu la confirmation qu'il était en place sur le jeu beaucoup de personnage on as profité et nous pauvre joueurs qui joue sans triche ont aient carrément a la masse je trouve sa honteux que le support ne font rien pour bannir tout c'est joueurs qui on triché et aller pas me dire qu'il ne savent qui sais il le savent mais ferme les yeux moi je ne fermerai jamais ma bouche en restant poli alors soient vous sanctionné gravement c'est cheateur soie vous donner a tous les items gold pour que tout soie content sinon bye bye
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    Hello everyone, I'm from the Tytan server. I totally support honest guys who want equal rights and fair play. But this, unfortunately, is not and will not be. My husband has already overcome the game and is playing a new one, to return to this rotten swamp, there is no desire. I will also leave, since it makes no sense to write to support them funny with us. Healed players think they have passed the game and the kings. This is not true. soon you will be playing with your own hillbots. Good luck.
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    A week of rollback is not enough. Because this cheat has been around for a long time. It is very noticeable on the Russian server. Just ban these people and do something for the disadvantaged servers or players. Who suffer from it. This has been going on since almost the beginning of the update.
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    just deleted arc games from my pc. I cant waste my time on this peace of ****
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    Who suffer from it. This has been going on since almost the beginning of the update. framaroot